Real Steel Review (2011)


A movie about giant fighting robots, what’s not to like right? Well thankfully that statement actually holds true here. Sure the cliches are all there, the down-on-his-luck,rough but lovable leading man, the attractive love interest and the opportunity for redemption and triumph, but cliched or not, it all comes together to deliver one thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You just have to hear the girls awwwing over Dakota Goyo to know that he has a huge potential in Hollywood. His charisma coupled with his acting chops will serve him well, and his skills are definitely put to the test when he makes us believe in the rapport between his character and Atom the robot.


Its a well rounded cast, with Hugh Jackman playing the likable tough guy that he could do in his sleep. Evangeline Lily helps soften the scenes she’s in (even though it felt like she didn’t have enough to do), and the cg artists behind Atom really did breathe some life into his performance.

Its a fun little movie that really cheered me up, and I think its worth a watch. A 7.5/10 for me 🙂

7.5 - Happy

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