Brave Review (2012)


The first thing that catches your eye about Pixar’s latest is the breathtaking scenery, and how beautiful every aspect of the animation is.

If you thought that the technical wizardry that brought Rapunzel’s hair to life in Tangled was amazing, then you’ve seen nothing yet. The way Merida’s locks flow and bounce makes it easy to forget that they are more a product of 1’s and 0’s than real hair. Indeed, Brave is an excellent technical achievement, that really helps draw you into the movie.


But all the tech in the world comes to nothing if there isn’t a story to drive the movie forward, and I am happy to report that Pixar has once again lived up to their ideal of story being everything.

I could really relate to the characters and the ordeals they were going through. From the goofy dad, the stern but loving Mother, the strong-willed daughter and the mischievous sons, there should something for everyone in the family to relate to. With the right balance of humour, drama and cuteness (and Merida’s brothers bring a lot of it), it’s a fun ride that the audience is taken along on.


The skill with which the animators convey the emotions felt by the protagonists goes to prove why Pixar is one of the foremost animations studios out there. It was to this skill that I attribute the fact I was emotionally invested in the story, and the amount of tension and sadness I felt in the final act is a testament to how immersed I was in the film.

I give Brave an 8 out of 10.

8.0 - Happy

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