Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Review (2011)


Harry Potter is something of a Hollywood phenomenon. 7 movies and still going strong, it also has the advantage of having the three main characters grow up along with most of its target audience. To be honest I was really only hooked by the first three movies in the series, and met the rest with a bit of indifference, only watching them because I wanted to see the progression in the series (in fact I have a hard time remembering any of the scenes in most of the movies).

With these thoughts in mind, I didn’t have much excitement for the final instalment of the J.K Rowling’s franchise, watching it for more of a sense of closure than anything else, but boy they really did end things with a bang. In my opinion this was the best movie in the series, almost a testament to how much everyone involved had pretty much perfected the Potter formula.


Throughout the series, the audience got see the main protagonists grow up not just physically (HELLOOOOO Emma Watson!!!) but also as actors. However also growing up along the way were the special effects employed in the film, and nowhere is that more evident than in The Death Hallows Part 2. All the high-tech wizardry just blended in seamlessly with all the practical shots, and made you forget all about green-screens and CGI and become totally immersed in the magical world in front of you. Yes, after watching this, you will believe that a dragon can fly.


Easily the darkest and most action packed of the movies, don’t be surprised if your emotions are taken for a roller-coaster ride. One of my favourite scenes involved Snape’s memories being shared with Harry Potter. While Grint, Watson and even Radcliffe have done a remarkable job, it’s really Alan Rickman that has been a lynch-pin in the whole series, and his scenes are the definitely the most poignant (even though I kept expecting him to yell “Yippee Kay-yay Harry Potter!!!”).

Like I mentioned before, everything in the movie just works, the acting, the score, the FX… all combine to create a worthy end to all things Potter. I’ll give the Deathly Hallows Part 2 a 9/10 and I really think you should go watch it.

9.0 - VeryHappy

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