Hotel Transylvania Review (2012)


What happens when you combine the Addams Family with Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of The Clone Wars, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls? Well you end up with something like Hotel Transylvania, a trip to the world of Dracula, Frankenstein and a myriad of other famous monsters, but imbued with a sense of fun and humour that really does make this quite an enjoyable monster mash.

The main focus of the movie is Count Dracula and his relationship with his 118 year old “teenage” daughter. You see Dracula has been burned just once too often by his interactions with Humans and decided to create a hotel. But not just any hotel. A hotel that serves as a refuge for all things supernatural. A haven for all things that go bump in the night, away from the discrimination of the humans.


The opening scenes do a good job of summing up Drac’s love (and over protectiveness) for his daughter and the underlying reason for the hotel without feeling like too much exposition. As the story progresses and more characters enter the fold, Genndy deftly fleshes out their stories, making them three dimensional.

The story is predictable and filled with cliches, especially the love angle between Dracula’s daughter, Mavis and the human backpacker who finds the Hotel, Johnny. However the script is presented in such a frenetic, colourful way that it is easy to overlook the been there done that feeling and sit back to enjoy the zaniness on screen.


The CG is smooth and polished, and as stylized as you would expect from Genndy. The music is effective but not really memorable, and all in all Hotel Transylvania is an enjoyable movie but is not something I believe will hold up for repeat viewing.

I give Hotel Transylvania a 7 out of 10.

7 -Happy

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