Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review (2011)


With sequels rarely making more than their predecessors, Ghost Protocol has the unenviable task of being the fourth movie in a franchise that just doesn’t want to quit. MI3 already broke the trilogy curse by being the best in the series, so can MI4 live up to the pedigree of the three movies before it?

Well, even though MI3 is still the best in the franchise, MI4 is a worthy addition to the Mission Impossible stable, bringing with it stunning action set pieces, over the top gadgets, the correct amount of humour and of course a new bunch of protagonists that we actually root for.


While the practical stunts are amazing (The Burj Khalifa scene is jaw dropping), its the dynamic of the team that is the main focus of the story. Jeremy Renner’s Brandt is a great contrast to Ethan Hunt. Whilst Hunt’s demeanour never betrays the emotions he is going through, you often see the chinks in Brandt’s armour as he constantly questions his actions and his past. If the rumours are true and Renner is the successor to Cruise, then the franchise does have a bright future ahead of it.

Simon Pegg brings much needed humour to the movie, but Brad Bird seems to know the right balance so that the jokes don’t supercede the drama or the story.

I liked the movie and I will definitely be adding it to my collection.

I give Ghost Protocol an 8 out of 10.

8.0 - Happy

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