Puss in Boots Review (2011)


If you are anything like me, you’ve grown pretty tired of the SHrek franchise. What started off as a breath of fresh air has been rapidly beaten to death, and has every last fart joke squeezed out of it. And so I wasn’t really sure whether I should expect much from this spin-off featuring Puss In Boots.

Well being honest, while the movie doesn’t live up to the first Shrek, it easily beats Shrek the Third. The main problem is that while the original Shrek catered to both adults and children, layering the humour to serve both audiences, PIB seems quite content to focus mainly on its younger viewers. Sure there are a couple of jokes here and there that will produce a chuckle from the parents, but this is definitely a kids movie.


Another jarring change (for me anyway) was having the story set in a Spanish setting. Being used to the bright medieval countrysides of the prior Shrek films, it was slightly strange for me to see characters from Jack and Jill, and the magic beanstalk with a backdrop of spanish vistas, and arid deserts.

If you take PIB as it is, a kids movie, then you won’t be disappointed.

I give Puss In Boots a 6 out of 10.

6 - Neutral

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