Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review (2011)


I had read a few reviews before going to watch Transformers: Dark of The Moon and so was expecting great things from the third movie in the Giant F*!king Robots series. I should have just left all my expectations at the door.

First the things that the movie got right. The 3D in the movie is pretty amazing. The giant mechanical protagonists lend themselves to the third dimension and also have the bonus side-effect of forcing Michael bay to lock down the camera, so the action isn’t as disorienting as the first two movies. As you can probably imagine the explosions, collisions, slow motion walks and sweeping score are all there, so if that’s all you want from your Bay-fest then you will have nothing to complain about.


The story for the movie is also quite good, getting rid of a lot of the goofy humour that plagued Revenge of the Fallen (not all of it though), and actually going darker and making us care for the characters. And of course I must mention Megan Fox 2.0, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Maybe it’s the British accent, or the fact that the first shot we see of her is in her underwear, but whenever she was on the screen, I was like Megan Fox who?


However for the few things that the movie gets right, there is so much that it gets wrong. The editing is all over the place. Scenes do not transition smoothly, jumping from one place to the next, and in some cases seemingly out of sequence. Spaceships that were seemingly indestructible one minute, suddenly explode at the slightest nudge just because the heroes had to get away. And yes there are still annoying little sidekicks.

It’s a bad sign when you start to nod off or feel bored in an action movie like this, but that is exactly how I felt. Giving the third Transformers a 5 out of 10.

5.0 - Sad

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