Hercules Review (2014)


There have been numerous iterations of the legend of Hercules, from Ah-nuld’s antics in the low budget Hercules in New York, to Disney’s colourful musical extolling the hero’s virtues. So, does the latest version of the Greek Demi-god, ahem, go the distance?

Well, Brett Ratner’s interpretation of the character seeks to ground the myth in reality. Focusing on a more realistic spin on the labours of the mighty Hercules helps make the hero more relatable to the audience, though seeing Dwayne Johnson’s muscular frame you can see why people would think Hercules is the child of Zeus. The extreme work out regiment that Johnson put in for the movie definitely paid off.


Another shift in this version is the addition of five companions to Hercules. All deadly in their own right, they also bring a touch of humour to the proceedings with smart alec quips and quite a few laugh out loud moments.

In fact, that’s the strength of this film. It is not afraid to mix action with a healthy dose of humour, deftly balancing the more gruesome scenes onscreen with moments of witty one-liners that help break up all the intense action beats.

A lot of the movie’s effects are practical and it really helps sell the action, and adds credence to some of the more over-the-top fight sequences.


This is a great little pop-corn flick that lets you park your brains at the door, and just sit and take in the fun and excitement.

I give Hercules a 7 out of 10.

7 -Happy

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